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Behavioural correlates of hippocampal ensembles

We are currently analysing a rich dataset of 2-photon calcium imaging data from the mouse CA1 hippocampus to understand how hippocampal ensembles (groups of co-active neurons) encode information about behaviour, and in particular about movement and sensory stimuli. Our optical approach applied to transgenic mice allows us to distinguish specific neuron types. We are also particularly interested in the role of inhibition in organising ensembles of excitatory pyramidal cell and signalling behavioural variables.


miniscope imaging.png

Imaging of neural activity

Related publications

Bocchio, M., Gouny, C., Angulo-Garcia, D., Toulat, T., Tressard, T., Quiroli, E., Baude, A. and Cossart, R., 2020. Hippocampal hub neurons maintain distinct connectivity throughout their lifetime. Nature Communications, 11(1), pp.1-19.


Leprince, E., Dard, R.F., Mortet, S., Filippi, C., Giorgi-Kurz, M., Lenck-Santini, P.P., Picardo, M.A., Bocchio, M., Baude, A. and Cossart, R., 2022. Extrinsic control of the early postnatal CA1 hippocampal circuits. bioRxiv.

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