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The aim of the lab is to build an environment where:

  • People treat each other with respect and support one another to achieve common goals

  • People are treated equally regardless of position, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, socioeconomic background, religion or other factors

  • A network of support is built around people in special situations (e.g. neurodivergent individuals, women taking their maternity leave, parents with childcare duties)

  • People are not afraid to ask for help

  • Students and postdocs work as a team, but they are also valued as individuals (the PI makes sure everyone obtains first author publications in peer-reviewed journals to be competitive on the job market)

  • People's career development is cherished (for opportunities both inside and outside academia) 

  • Decisions are taken as much as possible collectively, for instance through discussions at lab meetings

  • Students and postdocs are encouraged and supported to develop their independence, for instance by developing their own ideas and lines of research, writing papers and fellowship applications, and supervising students

  • All lab members cherish their own and other people's mental health

  • Maintaining a good work-life balance is strongly encouraged and overworking is strongly discouraged

  • Each project is designed keeping productivity-effort ratio in mind. The productivity-effort ratio should be high. This means that we won't design experiments giving extremely low yield. If a risky experiment is necessary, we will design a safe plan B

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